Welcome to Fort Scratchley - A Living History

Fort Scratchley, Australia has also been known as Tahlbinh, Braithwaites Head, Collier's Point, Fort Fiddlesticks, Captain Allan's Hill, Signal Hill and Flagstaff Hill.

These names represent the different communities who used the site from the Awabakal indigenous tribe through to the Maritime, Coal Mining and Military communities of Australia.

The "Highlights tour", found on the left of the screen, allows you to briefly explore Fort Scratchley's history. It starts with photographs of Fort Scratchley's site restoration that was completed in 2008. To move to the next screen click the arrow, next to the date - you will be taken back to 1797 to view the first map made of the area.

When on the tour be sure to check out the Media Selector. There you will find more paintings, photos, documents, newspaper articles and video clips relating to each date.

The other five preset tours are Awabakal, Coal Mining, Military, Maritime and Theatre. By clicking on them you will be guided through historical dates, images, documents and video clips which are significant for the activities of each community. Some tours are longer than others and not all have video clips.

You can also design your own tour, by clicking on the green "Customised Tour" tab above this text. There you can select the events you want to view. This will give you access to 66 timeline events, where you can view more than 150 images, 80 documents and newspaper articles and more than 60 video clips.

We recommend that a broadband connection will give you the best experience through your virtual tour of Fort Scratchley.

Project Info

Created by Susan Kerrigan and Dreamscape Media, in 2007, this interactive website was developed by Susan during the making of a 50 minute documentary called "Using Fort Scratchley". Susan realised that the history of the site was more than just military, and many of the stories about the Fort Scratchley site were beginning to be forgotten and lost from folklore.

Web Producer Shannon Murdochfrom Dreamscape Media  and Website Designer James Bennett brought skill and enthusiasm to this website project. They have elegantly designed and presented all the media relating to the history of Fort Scratchley on an interactive timeline that gives users the ability to choose their own pathway through Fort Scratchely's history.

Susan has been working on a Project called "The Living History of Fort Scratchley" for three years, and it is part of her PhD in Communication and Media Arts at the University of Newcastle. All the artworks, photographs, historical documents, newspaper clippings and video clips on this site were collected as part of the background research for the documentary. Many of these resources could not be included in the documentary and they have now been made available to you through this interactive website.

Both the University of Newcastle and Newcastle City Council need to be acknowledged for their support of this project.

Susan Kerrigan
email: susan.kerrigan AT newcastle.edu.au